How Can You Tell When Your Audi maintenance Need a Service in 2023?

Making sure that you have an Audi maintenance Service at regular intervals will ensure the longevity for the Audi Vehicle. This will to ensure that your expenses over the long term are kept to a minimum and increase the potential of reselling your Audi! In accordance with what is known as the Audi maintenance regime, when you’ll need to service your Audi will differ.

Flexible Audi Service Regime:

The Flexible Audi Service Regime, the Inspection Service intervals are fixed however , the intervals for the Oil Change Service are variable. The reason is that sensors are able to detect the degrading of the oil and determine the needed oil change based on your routine of driving. We recommend using the Flexible Audi Service Regime for those who travel more than 15,000km per year, mostly on roads with a constant speed and typically over longer distances.

Fixed Audi Service Regime:

If you’re using the Fix Service regime, the service light will illuminate at least every 12 months or 15,000KM , or if it’s the first. We recommend that you use the Fixed Audi Service Plan to customers who are less than 15,000km per year, mostly in suburban areas and cities and also those who travel to shorter distances.

Can I Skip my Car Service?

As a rule of thumb, always ensure that you do not miss an appointment to attend the vehicle service. In order to save cash in the end and lower the price of fuel, and extend the life span of your car. We suggest you keep current with your schedule and make sure you check in with you Audi servicing center located in Melbourne according to your schedule.

For more information and an in-depth explanation for your needs, check out our article on “Why you shouldn’t defer an auto repair’.

What is Included in an Audi Service?

The schedule for servicing Audi Vehicles is typically based on increments of 15,000KM. After your initial 15,000KM drive you will most likely find to find your Audi will need an oil filter as well as an oil change, as well as general inspection. After 30,000KM, exactly the maintenance required at 15,000KM is likely to be completed, but you’ll likely require more frequent maintenance.

Other inspections, maintenance and repairs could include but are not limited to:

Brake Fluid


Air FIlter Checks

Electrical Checks

Headlight Controls

Wiper Blades

Tyres & Tyre Pressure


Other malfunctions which could be a reason to suspect

What is the outcome when the Audi is in tune or Audi performance enhancements?

If your car is fitted by an engine tune or some other kind of calibrating software, or even hardware, the repair and maintenance schedule may be different. Upgrades to hardware like intakes or exhaust systems and intercoolers, can impact the look of your vehicle Audi maintenance. We recommend regular schedule of maintenance and repairs as upgrading your hardware will require more attention from an expert.

Audi Factory Recommendations:

Our Audi service suggestions conform to the guidelines provided by Audi. For more details and suggestions, contact us today for more information about Volkswagen servicing Centre near you.