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The trend of cigarette smoking has never gotten old. That is why tobacco cigarettes are always in demand. However, the cigarette vendors are in great numbers and they tend to have effective solutions to stand out. In this facet, you can have a cost-effective solution which is cigarette packaging.

These boxes are highly beneficial for users because they offer multiple perks. You can get them manufactured as per the interests of potential customers. Various designs are offered by packaging builders so that you can have the best one for your ideal product. However, you must have some keys with which you can have a spectacular packaging solution.

Choose Sturdy Material

The packaging material should be highly effective after all it works like a backbone. For this purpose, cardboard and kraft boxes are the preferable stocks. They are very strong and keep the items safe from damage. Also, you can get these boxes at a reasonable cost. You must also choose lightweight material so that you could save money. In this way, cardboard material is far more effective. It is not only cost-effective but also keeps your item safe from external factors such as humidity that may affect the tobacco filling.

For shipment, you can use corrugated cardboard cartons so that cigarette items will safely reach the retailers or end consumers. The protective encasement improves the life of the product and therefore your product will not get wasted before the expiration time.

Take Accurate Measurements

Your product must convey a professional brand message. For this purpose, you must use the right dimensions for the packaging boxes. In custom boxes, you can surely get flexible size boxes. In this way, you could give your product a relevant encasement and you would not have to settle for standard size packaging. This is why every product supplier has shifted to custom packaging.

To get appropriate packaging, you must ensure that you have taken the measurements (length and width) of the product. You must also leave space in the box but refrain from leaving too much space as it would take extra packaging material and so you have to spend extra money. Therefore, leaving up to 1-inch space is sufficient as it would also not make the packaging box congested.

Use Inserts

Cigarette packaging boxes have narrow and small items that need to be arranged in a sophisticated manner. These inserts not only assist in retail arrangement but also keep the product safe during shipment. For this purpose, different inserts are used inside the cigarette boxes. These inserts may include:

  • Paper sheets
  • Punch inserts
  • Cardboard sliders

These inserts give a very fine arrangement to the cigarettes. Besides, you must use strong inserts so that they would firmly hold the items. Ultimately, the packed cigarettes would not bulge inside the box and remain intact in their place. You may also include a see-through window patch and give customers an inside view of the product. If you have included inserts in the boxes, the cigarettes would give a decent look as they are being arranged effectively.

Print Brand Features

Are you spending your hard-earned money on packaging and not getting the marketing benefit out of it? You are surely settling for less. So, switch to the printed boxes on which your brand identity is mounted. You must print your packaging boxes with:

  • Brand name
  • Logo design
  • Slogans
  • A short brand story

Customized boxes and printing help you in distinguishing your brand from other brands. You must highlight brand features with modern techniques. For instance, you must use vibrant colors and use printing techniques that would highlight these details. You may use simple printing techniques such as flexography, offset printing, and digital printing. You may also use gold or silver foiling and make the essential details attractive so that potential customers would reach it in no time.

Include Warning Labels

Cigarettes are refrained due to their harmful consequences. Therefore, the product suppliers are restricted to encourage the people for them. So, you must print the warning labels on the surface of the packaging box. The most famous tagline that is ‘smoking is injurious to health’ must be printed on the packaging box.

You must also integrate an element of child-resistant. For this purpose, you must include certain labels for children so that your product would get less chance of ban. These labels regard you as a professional supplier and therefore protect you from a lousy brand. In this way, including these labels assist you in crafting a professional image for your brand.

Choose a certain print view

The market competition has gained much hype due to which it has become necessary for you to represent your product more enticingly. Different printing features are available out of which you can choose a certain one. These are the printing views as you can use simple printing techniques to print the essential details. By using a simple printing technique, you can print details with a flat printing view. It is a cost-effective way.

If you have a large budget, you can surely choose high-end printing options such as 3D mockups, embossing for haptic touch, and debossing for sunken print. These printing views help you create a unique impression of your brand.


Improve the packaging’s outer appearance by using different varnishes. For instance, you may use spot UV. It will help you in protecting the surface from harmful conditions and also improve the texture. Other options are available such as gloss or matte coatings, metallic coating, soft-touch varnish, and aqueous coating. In this way, the customers will surely be attracted to your brand.

Sum Up

Cigarette packaging supplies offer a wide range of custom solutions. However, you must make the boxes highly impeccable so that the potential audience would not consider other options. You must choose an excellent packaging material and construct the right size packaging. Include inserts and make packaging even more protective. Print the packaging boxes with brand details and labels. Use certain finishing and get a modern packaging solution to entice the audience.

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