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pole dance

Pole dancing is a liberating experience it instills a sense of power over your that makes exciting and uplifting. Of course, anyone can try this activity.In an interview on the possibilities of pole dance, Anna Kia even advises: “Don’t convince yourself that my body isn’t ready, I’m not strong enough, I’m not small enough. Pole is for everyone!

Certainly pole dancing

has become a stimulating and accessible way for people to feel joy and relax. However, it is still important to prepare your body for the strenuous activities that pole dancing entails, especially to avoid severe falls,

 sprains and broken bones. Since this physical activity requires full body immersion, it is important to develop muscle strength and flexibility.

Fortunately, any of the five exercises we’ve listed below will do just that and make a great addition to your pole dance.

Lifting weights

can help you achieve the strength gains and performance improvements that pole dancing requires. However, you need to create a custom built program. For example, walking is a great way to strengthen your shoulders,

improve your grip, and strengthen your legs. Meanwhile, the twisting fly allows you to work your back muscles. It can build proper strength in the upper body and prevent injury from falling on the pole.


One of the reasons yoga is such a popular practice is that it increases flexibility. In fact, as you adapt to different physical conditions, the flexibility of your connective tissue increases. Unique yoga poses can do wonders for your mobile transformation.

To increase your hamstring flexibility, try choppers, split poles, and splits. For your back, add a moon, cobra or wheel.

These moves can make you feel comfortable going down to the floor. Not stopping and using your own body weight helps reduce tension that can be associated with more demanding pole dancing techniques.


Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that not only strengthens the body but also improves coordination and flexibility. The ability to control and stabilize your muscles is important in pole dancing, as uncontrolled movement can lead to injury. To activate the right muscles during your mobile routine, use breathing exercises, shoulder preparation, leg lifts, and foot taps.


Calisthenics combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises and requires only your own body weight. It gives you a strong core, which is important if you want to incorporate external resistance into your training. Calisthenics makes pole dancing easier because it improves your strength and allows you to lift your body. Start your own calisthenics routine with leg lifts, lunges, push-ups and squats. You can gradually increase each set over time.

Cardio exercises

One thing that makes the cardio exercise so important in pole dancing is that the dancers perform acrobatic moves. With this, it is important to build up strength that will allow you to prepare for some more difficult movements. Consider reducing your cardio sessions to a four-minute workout. Others include vigorous exercises (doing flips, high kicks, or push-ups), vigorous exercises such as dancing or aerobics, and shaking to mimic the tendency of pole dancing.

Lupit tools for logic and logic

Lupit equipment is reliable and designed to work well with your air training equipment such as lyra hoops and air silks. When it comes to organizing your air space, there are many useful tools that can help you get the most out of your air conditioning or even expand its functionality. In this article, I will focus on Lupit’s air gear.

A little history on the Lupit brand.

Lupit is a European brand made in Slovenia. They are in the market since 2009. Lupit is considered a premium/trustworthy brand.

Air sports are a great joy once they are a part of your life, but they can only be enjoyed when you are safe in your behavior. The rule of thumb is to only buy brands and products from established companies and Lupit will be a trusted company for wireless equipment.

Among Lupit’s air products, there are many air accessories. Wireless accessories are as important as the wireless products themselves. Here we will list some useful Lupit air tools that you can use in your air conditioning.

One of the most important parts of the ring is the O-ring. This simple tool can help you with both your silk fabric and air conditioning. O-rings are easy to use, you can tie your wind silk around the ring or use a carabiner to expand your wind cover.

The Lupit O-ring is strong and durable, giving it reliable operation and safety of your air sports.

Wind roof support

This support is specially designed to support air silk. This curved hook makes it the perfect place to hang or tie your air silks. However, the wind support is also good for windsurfing once you combine it with swivels, roundslings and carabiners.

The product is made of steel. It is durable, strong and reliable. Tip: It is very important to ensure that the type of building can support the building. A steel roof is fine, but if it’s another type of roof, make sure it’s a proper load-bearing roof. Consult a qualified professional if in doubt.

Swivel Lupit

This handy little tool gives your air conditioner the ability to rotate. Because of this, you can rotate your windshield on its axis properly.

There are many variations you can use to assemble your air conditioner using a swivel. You can hold on to your roof while following the carabiner, swivel, carabiner and your airlock. Or you can use your roof top, spin and swing in your air conditioning.

Depending on the height and type of use you use your air hoop for, you can use a different configuration of the Lupit swivel. It is always best to use a swivel because if it is not used, the movement of the equipment can be random and uncontrollable. Having a pivot will provide security of control rotation.

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