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Life on Earth is really filled with thrills and twists. Adventure is the only way to enjoy all the things which were confronted in life. Having an adventurous trip once in a Lifetime is a must. Then only we can come over and we thirst off. To enjoy and immerse yourself in adventurous activities like trekking,bungee jumping, skydiving,scuba diving, parasailing itself etc. In India there are many bucket list trips with unique landscapes and features. Everything around you nestled with many of the stunning edible things,rivers, streams,flora and fauna etc. Let me introduce you to 5 Bucket list trips in India.

Chadar is standing first to offer the best frozen river with challenging things. Chadar trek in Leh Ladakh is a beholding place one must surely visit.  You will definitely bag the experience of a crazy thrilling trekking experience. During winters beside Zanskar river,you can get a chance to glance over a frozen river. You can have memorable vacation moments under the blanket of snow at Chadar trek. Chadar trek is a suggestable as difficult trek standing at an elevation of 11,123 ft. It requires the overall trekking period of 6N/7D. Including everything you need to spend 24,000/- price for this trekking tour plan.

White River Rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a most famous place among top 5 for the Bucket list trips in India. While you are at Rishikesh river,you surely feel immersed, like having an adventurous league. Rishikesh has maintained the flow of Ganga river water with the speed of 1-V.  It is the best thing to talk about as one of the exhilarating destinations one should visit and experience once in their adventurous lifetime. It offers magistical views all around the Rishikesh which mesmerises you along the rafting trip. You can visit countless loved places that sure win your heart with its beauty. Price to have a rafting trip for a person ranges from INR 450- 1850/- February to November is the best ahead of a visit to Rishikesh except monsoons.

Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is one of the bucket listed trips in India. A boundless road offering you the stunning views and breathtaking scenic beauties etc at Leh Ladakh. It is also a feel good like adrenaline experience at high dose. Leh Ladakh is the mesmerised journey most bike riders dream of ahead. It stands first  to offer unbelievable stunning facts and beauties of nature. This trip starts from Manali and includes safari rides, Khardung-La Pass,Beas river etc all are introduced in between. And drinking hot tea with a melting breeze is really out of our imagination. You’ll pass through many of the villages,treks, natural beauties etc. You will cover almost all the routes while passing through the Manali,jispa,sarchu, Leh and finally Khardung-La Pass. During the months of July to September is the best time to go on the road trip from Manali to Leh. The entire trek costs nearly INR 20,000/-

Jim Corbett Safari

Uttarakhand is the one must bucket list trip in India. You will surely experience a unique experience after visiting here. Jim Corbett Safari is a national park which offers safari around the park with all species of animals. It is spreaded over 13184 You can enjoy a jeep Safari. Animal lovers will surely love it a lot. If you are fortunate then you can encounter royal tigers. This park was divided into many of the divisions. Such as sonanadi zone,durga devi zone and dhokla zone ,bijrani zone. Except monsoons from mid October to mid June visits are allowed only. A jeep Safari with 6 persons costs 4200 /- and for international tourists it costs nearly 8000/-.

Scuba Diving in Andaman

Andaman is the most cheerful, loveliest place that is sure to be on everyone’s bucket list in India. Scuba diving under deep glass layered water is really a thrilling experience. Truly it feels to be a magical place which requires visits of scuba divers once in their lifetime. You’ll experience a great exploration of an adventurous crazy trip in India. Octopus and sharks , Scorpions,coral reefs etc are the ocean animals you could have a glance at. Diving sites such as Clinique Island,fish rock and the wall etc. In between the months of January to may is the best time to head your scuba diving trip to Andaman. This place is also popular and welcoming especially for honeymoon couples too.



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