10 Key Tips to Become a Professional Essay Writer

If you want to enjoy the time when you are writing an essay, you need to look down to these tips. The tips will help you build interest as well as gain better grades as it won’t be Professional Essay Writer work for you anymore but just a hobby.

  1. Remember your essay is just a story

All the stories consist of conflict, change and plot twists. Essays are no different as they also have conflicts as well as changes. The major difference between essay and story is that, in essay the ideas have conflict and the way we should be perceiving your ideas is the change.

Now a big question is, how will you know what story you should be telling? For that, you have to focus on the prompt. The essay prompts include a lot of different topics and tasks. Every topic has its own character that may be historical, fictional or topical and have different life stories with different morals and morals. Your work is to pick up these choices, understand them, research about them, describe them properly in detail that the reader feels as if he’s living the story.

  1. How to Make Writing Fun For You?

Its pretty normal to feel insecure while writing an essay and doubt your writing skills. Even the professional writers lose confidence and being a human, it is totally ok. But what if you get to know a super ninja judo trick of mind to help you feel confident? The trick is to play with your mind and especially, your subconscious side. Whatever question you’ll ask your subconscious, it will surely have an answer. So, whenever you feel low, ask yourself if you can have fun writing this topic, if so, how can it be?

Immediately, your subconscious will start listing down ways in which you can make your writing more fun. The first draft is always very interesting as your mind is full of interesting ideas at that time. Get as creative as you can be in the first draft and add in a little scandal too to make it spicier. Now, as you’ll move to the second part of the essay, things might get hard for you. Here are some tips to make your next essay a load of joy:

  • Do as much research on the topic as you can and find out fun facts about it and then use them as your hook in the story.
  • Search the topics keywords from thesaurus. Use exceptional vocabulary to make your essay look interesting and use a lot of synonyms as keywords.
  • Now at this point, you need to take ahold of the immoral side of the topic and discuss it with detail. See where it will take your essay.



  1. While Researching, What Surprises You About This Subject?

The first thing where one goes wrong is that you think what your professor will find interesting and would want to read instead of thinking what you’d like to write. If you’ll put forward your professor’s interest and not yours, you surely won’t be able to write a good essay.

Even after a lot of research if you are not able to find anything interesting about the topic then you are not researching well. the history, science and literature are full of surprises and you can get great and fascinating ideas out of it. The fascinating idea you get can be you best topic sentence. All you need to do is, use it well to outline your essay and each paragraph should be build up on unique fact or idea. This will make your transitions better from one topic to another and will stay appealing.

  1. Five Of The Original Sentences

The standard three-point essay is basically composed of five original sentences that cover up the whole essay and have the paragraphs that support them. to cover up your most basic main points, just write down the five sentences. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed and your essay will be saved from a disaster as well. As an example, below are the five original sentences for this article:

  • Introduction paragraph: if you have a right mindset to write an essay, writing an introductory paragraph will be fun
  • Body#1: If a student’s focus will be on external rewards, the essay writing will seem tedious to him.
  • Body#2: while writing an essay, one should have full focus on fulfilling its internal needs.
  • Body#3: if a student will focus on internal fulfilling’s, he’ll have more fun writing it and will write better essays.
  • Conclusion: essays shouldn’t only be written to get good grades but also to learn finding fulfillments.

Once you are done with your five sentences, writing the paragraphs will be easy for you. Now, you all should give it a try!

  1. Be “Source Heavy”

Here you are going to be learning about a trick that can help you rise from a B-grade to an A-grade but keep in mind that this might not work for many of the teachers but yes, it is very powerful. Use it carefully.

The articles and books you read throughout your course or even just for fun, explains your topic or your words much better. So, you can simply quote down their words in some places and at some you may just rephrase them and give proper credits. This will save time and will form a well-written informative essay.

Keep in mind, you must use citations in your essay. It will make your essay source heavy and give gain you A’s as well. You need to work very smartly here. You should have a 60/40 approach in your essay. It means, 60 percent of your essay should be your own words in which you will argue and out forward the analysis that you have done while 40 percent should be the quotations from the articles and sources. Moreover, you may even use college essay services to learn more about essay writing.

  1. Write the Body First, Second Introduction and Conclusion In The End

Writing an introduction is the most difficult part of an essay because you have to summarize the whole essay in it. it’s better to write the introductory paragraph in the end because then you’ll know what exactly your essay consists and you’ll write a better introductory paragraph.

This is more important for the topics you have no interest in as it’ll save you from deduction of marks. You must take a lot of time to draft your body and revise it otherwise your opening may be awkward or stupid.

  1. The Best Essays Answer The Question “How?”

If you’re not able to think what more to write in your essay or you are unable to reach your word count try using the question “How?”

For instance:

  • How was the theme of inauthenticity conveyed in The Catcher In the Rye?
  • How was the stability restored in France after the French Revolution?
  • How can it be proved that girl’s rule and boys drool?

The question how will always give you a lot to write.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Jump Around

Essay writing is as flexible as dance. You don’t have to write it in a specific way. Play around with your essay by circling around your topic instead of keeping it straightforward, to the point and boring. In the end, proofread your essay and make sure everything lines up. proofreading doesn’t only include checking the punctuation mistakes but also to ensure that your ideas flow from one idea to another smoothly.

  1. Some Words and Phrases You Must Not Use
  • You
  • Cliches
  • That
  • Things
  • To Be Verbs (is, are, was, were, am)

If you don’t have time to edit, here’s a quick method. Some professors say that one must not use “I” in their writings but professional writers use words like “I believe” and “In my opinion” more importantly for the introductory paragraph.

  1. You can use Wikipedia, if….

Wikipedia is rated to be the top fifth best in the world for many reasons but professors don’t recommend Wikipedia use. Here are ways you can smartly use it:

  • Research of Background: if you don’t know much about the topic, you can learn about its background from Wikipedia
  • Find resources: you can find the citations from Wikipedia and use them in essay. Moreover, you can open those cites and take help from there.

These were the 10 easy steps to write a good essay which will make you not only good grades but you’ll gain a lot of knowledge too. You might even check out some British essay writers as they have the same strategies.